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SACO - stage formation


The Foundation training is about acquiring the fundamentals of cutting. The study of lines, gradients and graduations will be done through courses sessions including demonstrations and workshops.

This internship will sharpen your approach of hairdressing through lessons modules combining theory and practice.

Delivered by experienced trainers, this internship will allow you to consolidate your skills and perfect your knowledges.


• Teaching about the SACO cutting method (theory)

• Theory course and cutting demonstrations in the morning

• 1st and 2nd day : workshops on malleable heads

• 3rd day : morning and afternoon: workshops on real models. 

 Period :Prices :
From 1 to 3 days– 1 day : 400€HT
– 2 days : 650€HT
– 3 days : 800€HT
Formation Lignes et textures Saco Hair


This internship is an extension of the foundation training, addressed to all audiences. It gives a global approach of the hairdressing universe. It focuses on the control of volumes on thin and thick hair. The lines work is based on a geometric work in 3D and the texture work is an approach based on softness, lightness and fluidity.

This training finds its origin in the complexity that represents the hair material and the need to make the cutting last in the time. You will be supervised by Art Directors with a great experience.


• Consultation approach

• Desmonstrations of haircuts on real models

• Practical workshops on malleable heads and real models

From 1 to 3 day– 1 day : 400€HT
– 2 days : 650€HT
– 3 days : 800€HT


This training is an extension of the lines and texture training. It is destined to an informed public.

Through this training, you will discover the Saco collections which are anchored in a very personalized universe, marked by creativity and innovation.

This program is composed of modules focused on the different trends that have influenced our Creative Team.

Lessons go from 1 to 3 days and are a mix of demonstrations and workshops. You will be supervised by a competent team of Art Directors with a great experience.


 • Creative training

• Demonstrations on real models

• Practical workshops on malleable heads and real models

Period :Prices :
From 1 to 3 days– 1 day : 400€HT
– 2 days : 700€HT
– 3 days : 900€HT
SACO - stage coloriste


The foundation colorist training is about the acquisition of fundamentals principles in hair coloration. You will learn the essential topics such as diagnosis and enlightenment.

By the end of this training, you will be able to put into practice into your salon all of your achievements. Our Colorist Team will guide you step by step through a quality training composed of theory lessons, demonstrations and workshops.


• Learning of the Saco color techniques
• Theory lessons and demonstrations
• Workshops on real models

Period :Prices :
From 1 to 3 days– 1 day : 400€HT
– 2 days : 650€HT
– 3 days : 800€HT



This training is opened to an informed public wanting to master the creative coloration. It is about the whole of our collections, from the oldest to the most recent. The main points of this training is the teaching of advanced techniques mixing diagnosis and creativity. It will bring a new dimension to the colorist work. Very sharp and playfull at a time, this training will asset your skills and growth your knowledges. You will be supervised by a team of Art Colorists with a great experience and an excellent master of the coloration techniques. 


• Essential training to any colorist who wants to deepen its knowledges
• Demonstrations and workshops on real models

Period :Prices :
From 1 to 3 days– 1 day : 400€HT
– 2 days : 700€HT
– 3 days : 900€HT


The consultation must remain the hairdresser’s priority. It is based on careful listening and observation. Through a meticulous analysis of the face shape, personality, costumer’s way to express oneself, the hairdresser must be able to face to a suitable haircut. Being a hairdresser is to know how to understand the language and above all body language, which is a specific language including gesture and movement. 

To satisfy a costumer is to respond to his expectations, to know how to reassure him. This training is based on a study about techniques of communication and diagnosis. It finds its origin in the complexity of knowing how to hear the costumer and knowing how to reformulate his expectations even before the cutting begins.

Training created and animated by Patricia Rameau (Saco International’s Art Director)


• Essential to any professionnal hairdresser
• Workshops on real models
• 5 persons minimum

 Period:Price :
 1 day– 1 day : 400€HT
Saco Hair Formation Former dans vos salons


As the demand for trainings is still growing, we are developing a brand new program:
The on-line training. It is no longer up to you to move to our academy, our trainers come to you in your own salons.

Our goal: to offer to any professional the opportunity to evolve at the rate of new trends.


Concerned Public : any salons

Period :Prices :
From 1 to 2 days     Please contact Olivier Dufresne